I grew up in the Dallas area and went to Texas A&M University.  I attended Dallas Seminary for a while until I met my husband, Jason, who is the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for.  I have my own graphic design company that I started in March 2008 – Pettett Paper Design Company.  I work from home as I greatly anticipate the arrival of our first born in November!  Though many things in life will come and go, my greatest desires are to walk closely with God and be a wonderful wife and mother.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. fblair says:

    Loved it!! What a wonderful woman you’ve become. Thank God for you and your optimism. I’m not prejudiced, am I?
    And did I hear the words “expanding your family?”
    Stay in touch.

  2. brian and stephanie harris says:


    received an invitation to pregnancy care center prayer dessert evening. we loved the invitation and turned it over to see what company had printed it. wasn’t sure if this was the j and c pettett we knew, so got on internet to search and found your blog.

    great invitation

    MAJOR CONGRATRULATIONS on the Expected Arrival of Baby Pettett.

    hope all is well.

    brian and steph

  3. Hi Casey,
    I found your blog site through the Malone family – who have just moved here to Aberdeen. I am a graphic designer and supporting my husband while he completes his PhD. I noticed that you have started your own company! I think that is fabulous and I dream of doing that someday, perhaps when I become a mom ;). Anyway, I wanted to say hello and see if you had a website featuring some of your work. Congrats on your pregnancy, I bet you cant wait to meet your son!


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