His creatures

I believe in God. Though that statement probably doesn’t surprise you, there are days I struggle with it. But this morning I’m lying in bed thinking about the human race. I can’t articulate why, aside from the fact that it often swims around in my mind when I hear of tragedy.

As a race, we are so multifaceted. If there was no God, I have to believe we would operate somewhat robotically. We would go about our lives merely seeking ways to provide food for ourselves and our young, as other animals do. We may protect our own, but ultimately our goal would be survival. Right? I’m no scientist, but from where did our depth come? We love, we pain, we have passion and longings… ah, the soul. And those aspects of our being whisper …God. We really are made in His image. He made us to carry characteristics of Himself. We are beautiful creatures echoing traits of the One Who made us. I may be a romantic, but it’s only because He is too. His love for us is deeper than the depths of the sea. As Job says – who can fathom it? (Job 11).

Ponder what it means that you have traits of our great God.  You have a combination of His characteristics that no other human has.  You are unique; He made you for Himself.  Put aside your concern about your outer appearance, who accepts you (and who doesn’t), whether or not you’re intelligent enough.  Your worth is in Him; He looks at you and is amazed… He is your Father, and He loves you.


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