His Namesake

In reading through Jason Mandryk’s (author of Operation World) word on prayer, I came across a quote that is both convicting and motivating…

‘Here lies the supreme missionary motivation. It is neither obedience to the Great Commission, nor compassion for the lost, nor excitement over the gospel, but zeal (even ‘jealousy’) for the honour of Christ’s name…no incentive is stronger than the longing that Christ should be given the honour that is due to His name.’ (John Stott)

In all we do, let us honor Him. Let us concern ourselves with HIS glory and HIS namesake. All too often I am struggling for my own glory… Does she like me? Does he think I’m a good mom? Am I pretty? Will they think I’m smart enough? Will I fail? Does he believe in me?… I don’t consciously recognize how often I seek my own glory. Everything I do should bear the question, ‘What does this make of God?’ Worrying over my own reputation is foolish and a waste of time. It doesn’t matter if I’m smart, or pretty, or whether or not I fail. What matters is HIS GLORY being made known to the world through me.

It may be worth asking yourself who’s glory you sought today.


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