On we go…

Reading through the Word is going really well. Every now and then I miss a chapter or two, but I’ve found time to catch up. I’m currently at the end of Genesis; I will have completed Genesis and Job. Only 64 books to go. 🙂

In regards to prayer, we began praying for the world in general for the first few weeks.  We are now on to the continents… we have prayed for America and are now moving on to Asia. One of the sweetest things thus far about this challenge is to see Noah’s heart to pray. He used to pray when he was very small and then, one day, decided he didn’t want to anymore. Thankfully he has had a renewed vigor for praying! It melts my heart every time he talks to the Lord in that adorable little voice of his.

Thanks for walking alongside me during this journey. Please pray for continued motivation and desire to finish well.


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