A Little Lesson

Yesterday I drove from Sherman to Frisco to visit some friends. While I was in the car I opted against listening to any music, talk radio, or sermons, etc., because I wanted to enjoy the quiet hour with no noise. When I opt against the noise, I always hope for some sweet and interesting communion with God.

This is a common drive for me; I make it quite often. When I do, I always notice this beautiful home in Celina. It’s out in the country before you drive into town. It sits on a huge plot of land that is quite hilly, and it overlooks a pond. It is a light gray house with a tin roof. It’s a huge home, and it is GORGEOUS. It’s a bit hard to see it from the road, so you have to sort-of dangerously strain your neck to the right to see it (which I did, of course). To be frank with you, when I turned to look at the house, I thought, “Man! I’ll never be able to live in a house like that!” Just as I turned my head forward again to look at the road, a hearse drove right past me (a hearse is a funeral vehicle in case you didn’t know). Know my second thought? “Casey, you can’t take it with you.” I smiled at God’s comedic way of slapping me into reality – with a hearse! I got my sweet moment with God, albeit not in the way I would’ve thought. I thanked Him out loud anyway.

This incident actually reminded me about a blog I’ve been wanting to do for months now, but needed a bit of background research. All of this happened with impeccable timing and it all runs together…

Have you ever heard someone say “In Texas, there’s a church on every corner”? Well, I’ve heard that multiple times, and often it’s true. In Frisco, Texas, though, the saying should go like this – “In Frisco, there’s a BANK on every corner.” For a number of years I’ve noticed bank after bank being built in Frisco. Two years ago Jason and I read in article in the Dallas Morning News that said a study had shown that Collin County (where Frisco resides) has the largest amount of debt out of every county in the nation. We weren’t at all surprised. I sum it up like this – Frisco is the Land of Lexus, Louis Vuitton, and LOTS of debt.

Anyway, as I drove into Frisco yesterday I decided to actually count the banks and pay attention to where they’re located (yes, I have a life, but this is interesting to me!). I drove south on Preston Road (289) from Main Street to Highway 121. For those of you unfamiliar with Frisco, that’s probably about a 4 mile stretch – not that far. Well, I counted FIFTEEN banks within that four mile stretch. And every single intersection that has a traffic light has at least one bank. The intersection of Preston & Lebanon (my old stompin’ grounds right by Stonebriar Community Church) has FOUR banks – one on each corner of the intersection. I honestly couldn’t believe it – FIFTEEN banks in a FOUR-mile stretch! Wow. Frisco is the place where I drive around and think “How do this many people have this much money?” Well, the answer is one word – DEBT. “Keeping up with the Jones'” isn’t the problem in Frisco. You have to keep up with the Jones’, the Smiths, the Petersons, and the Wilsons. So you have to buy your 2008 Hummer on your credit card to keep up.

I realize I say all of this with a sarcastic flair, but in reality I love Frisco. It’s the same idea as the fact that I can say bad things about my family, but don’t you dare say a thing! When I drive down from Sherman, I always get the feeling I’m driving home. I’m nostalgic every time I go, and sometimes I hope and wonder if we’ll go back some day. I don’t miss the traffic or the “keeping up,” but part of my heart is still there. I guess that’s what happens when you invest time somewhere.

By writing this blog, my hope is that you’ll check your materialism. Mine is definitely aflame, and it is a constant struggle to continually snuff it out. Maybe you can learn from me and not have to wait to see a hearse to remind you of what’s important. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Little Lesson

  1. Kk says:

    Our little trip to Ikea didn’t help out materialism issues at all, but at least I only bought a frame, haha! Great entry!

  2. great wisdom. i’m thankful for your insight.

    would love to hear from you, girl!
    Nicole Wilson

  3. jseedig says:

    good entry! love it – we were discussing this same thing the other night —- i wanted a chili’s on our corner and another BANK just went in! (leave it to me to want FOOD there!)

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