Dating and Manipulation

Jason always says I didn’t tell the whole truth when we were dating. He says that I told him I loved camping and riding bikes but left out the part about only wanting to do those things when the temp outside is between 65 & 70 degrees and there are no bugs in sight and no good options of movies to go see. So basically he thinks I manipulated my way into marrying him (I’m saying all of this in jest, of course…we couldn’t be happier). The flip side is this…when we were dating we went shopping together quite a bit. One of the first times we went shopping, I took him to my very favorite store – Banana Republic. I picked out A LOT of things I thought might look good on him, and I wanted him to try it all on. Now, he’s the guy who looks good in anything he tries on…tall, trim & slim…so it all looked good! Considering the fact that virtually all of his wardrobe was from 1987 (yes, I came across TWO V-neck sweaters), I thought it would be good if he bought pretty much all of what he tried on. Well, he ended up spending about $300 that night on clothes. He would never do that now!!! Thus, he manipulated me, too. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dating and Manipulation

  1. CASEY! SHUT UP! (not really) – I saw your site linked on Danny and Kari’s page. I think about you every once in a while but everytime I’m with Kari, I forget to ask how you are. Wow.. i have a lot of reading to do to catch up on your life.

    Please let me hear from you soon!
    Nicole Wilson

  2. Loren says:

    What?! V neck sweaters out of style? Next thing you are going to tell me is that my hyper color tshirts and jams are no longer cool to wear. What do you know?

    By the way, I don’t appreciate your comment about how Jason is Mr. I Look Good in Anything b/c I am Tall, Trim, and Slim. What does this mean for guys like me who are Short, Plump and Round? Am I confined to always shop in the “Husky” department? What for? I can’t look good in anything b/c I’m not tall, trim and slim.

  3. Jen says:

    Yeah, I remember being told in premarital counseling that once you are married, you find out what a liar your spouse was when you dated. I also remember thinking that must be a confused statistic and it didn’t apply to us. How funny for all of us married folk to find out it is actually true! And in all of our defenses, you don’t mean to misrepresent yourself…somehow it just happens. When you find the coolest person in the world, you enjoy doing anything to be around them! (At least until you know they’re not going anywhere.) 🙂

    PS – Didn’t realize men’s v-neck sweaters are out…pretty sure Jeff has one…but I really think it looks good. Maybe I’m not the best judge though since I did love the 80’s.

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