The Upside of Life

Sometimes life is heavy. Ever noticed? I constantly have to fight against thinking too hard about it sometimes. I like to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the world, because I think it’s healthy. But the news really ticks me off. If I hear one more thing about Paris Hilton I think I might throw something very large at our T.V. Anyway, I know virtually ALL of America has those same sentiments (hopefully). I won’t ramble on about everything else in the news like murder after murder after murder…

So what’s the up-side? Jason recently pointed out to me a small nest that a bird had made on the inner corner of the overhang on our back porch. One of my first thoughts was “Great! Bird crap everywhere!” But we’ve left it alone and watched the little ones growing up from tiny, weird looking bald creatures to cute fuzzy things to almost fully grown birds. And we like to watch the mama bird feed her young. Don’t know why it does this to me, but it makes me have a small sense that life here is still good. Maybe it’s that the birds just go about their day not having to hear about Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s imagining the simple life the birds lead. Or maybe it’s the persistent nurturing of the mother to her young. Or maybe it’s because, for a couple of minutes, it takes my mind off of…well, stuff. Who knows? One thing it makes me realize, though. It reminds me that God gave us life, and that it is good. Don’t miss the simple things.


One thought on “The Upside of Life

  1. kari says:

    amen. titus and i listen to the birds every morning. we even made up a song. wanna hear? really? ok, ok, stop it. here goes: “And the Lord says: If I take care of the little birds, how much more? how much more? If I take care of the little birds, how much more will i care for you?” It has a bridge too, but i’ll just call you to sing the rest 🙂 love you!

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