Happily Ever After?

I don’t work until 10:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so Tuesday when I was home in the morning I decided to veg in front of the TV for a little while.  I decided to watch some Rachael Ray. 🙂  I didn’t know until yesterday that her show has developed into more than a cooking show.  She had a woman on there who was recently divorced after being married 32 years.  She wanted to know how to move on with her life and be happy.  Rachael had Kristen Armstrong on the show to give her advice (Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife).  Kristen recently wrote a book called “Happily Ever After.”  I guess it’s about dealing with a divorce.  On the show she talked about how she wanted to make sure her kids didn’t stop “believing in love” since she and Lance got divorced.  She expressed that it was possible to divorce amicably and keep loving “unconditionally.”  She was only on the show for about 10 minutes, and she kept referring to how important it is to love unconditionally.  Anyway, I found this to be interesting.  Can you say you loved unconditionally when you divorced your spouse?  I’m always so interested in culture and looking at the way our society works/is headed.  Unfortunately divorce is so commonplace now.  I hurt for that woman, because I know it is not possible to just love unconditionally.  It seems to me that you would have to understand God’s unconditional love before you were actually able to attempt it yourself (since He is the only one who does this perfectly).  And, by no surprise to me, He wasn’t mentioned once in the show.  I don’t know, just something to think about…


2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After?

  1. kari says:

    yah- it’s amazing also how the culture is starting to “enjoy” and grab onto some concepts within a Christian world view. I read a secular magazine yesterday or the day before that spoke on the importance of humility, but like you said…still “no God”. tell rachel ray hey for me. tell her i might watch her program one day but i don’t have a TV in the living room…it’s actually in the nursery closet 🙂

  2. Larry Boatright says:

    wow, I shouldn’t have read this so late. Now I’m hungry. The only one I know who can out eat me is Casey Pettett. Tell Jason I said howdy!

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