A Joy to Me

Today on my way to work I was going through a light and as I passed, I noticed a homeless man on the corner.  I felt compelled to go back, so I did.  I asked God to allow the spot right in front of him to be open at the light.  When I got there, the timing was perfect for me to pull the car up right in front of him.  I opened my window and chatted with him and shared some of my stuff with him.  He was so polite and grateful.  He was from Kentucky and was headed down to San Antonio.  He said that he loves Texas because the people here are so kind.  He lifted up his hands and showed me gloves he had on that a man had just given to him; they looked brand new.  My 2 minute conversation with this man blessed me greatly.  I think when we see a homeless man on the side of the road we tend to brush past and not realize – he is a man, a human…and he has a soul and emotions and a mind.  He needs human contact and compassion just as much as the rest of us.  He has a name and is from a certain place.  He has a past.  My motivation in sharing this is to spur you on to care for those in need – now, at Thanksgiving time, and always.  You know, it ISN’T our place to judge, but it IS our obligation to take care of people in need – think through this.  It was such a joy to me to stop and care for him, even if it was just a couple of minutes.   


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