A Defining Moment

As the title states, I experienced what I would call a “defining moment” yesterday.  It’s not really a defining moment for me, per se, but it’s a moment I’ve felt might come soon. It’s moreso a defining moment for our country…sort of.  You know how almost everywhere you go, signs and posters and labels read with English on top in large letters and Spanish beneath in smaller letters?  Like at the airport – RESTROOMS/Los Banos.  Well, yesterday I went to Kroger.  I was in the shampoo aisle looking for some straightening balm for my hair.  I decided to look at the Pantene products, because that’s what Jason uses on his hair.  Anyway, I would have considered buying it had I been able to read the label.  The main title was large and in Spanish with something like “Straight hair” in small English letters below it.   Those two words were the only English on the bottle!  Anyway, I couldn’t read the directions or anything else on the bottle, so I didn’t buy it.  I will remain “PC” and let you read my mind regarding the rest of the story.  Needless to say, I wasn’t that excited.


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